We've Got You Covered

Women juggle so much day to day including their jobs, kids, husband, school, … and, oh yeah, not to mention finding time for themselves. You can say women have conquered the art of packing it all in. So we wanted to make their lives just a little easier by introducing underwear for women who live life on the go.

It has also been our mission to empower women who have physical constraints and require additional assistance to get in and out of clothes. Changing your underwear when you are physically disabled can be an extremely daunting task – Slick Chicks can help solve this problem and give women their confidence back.

Expecting moms also love Slick Chicks. Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but we can do without the excruciating back pains and struggle of bending over during pregnancy. And if you are a woman in your 40s or 50s who has already had children, you may have suffered from “stress leakage” -- where you’ve leaked a little during a cough or a sneeze and even when laughing. Nobody wants to walk around in a bulging pad or panty liner all day.

Our easy to remove undies are moisture-wicking and anti-microbial -- perfect for those super sweaty workouts, embarrassing sweat crotch, accidental bladder leaks, and the unexpected visit from "Aunt Flo".

Why anti-microbial and moisture wicking you ask? Well how uncomfortable is it to sit in moist underwear? Come on ladies, we all sweat where the sun doesn't shine. But the problem is far more serious than we think. Trapping in moisture "down there" leads to yeast infections and other bacterial related skin infections that are itchy and irritating. The best thing a woman can do is keep herself dry.

We aren’t going to always win the battle against mother nature, but now there is a more convenient, functional, and attractive solution to help do so. 

Let Slick Chicks help you change your underwear, so you can get back to changing the world.