Slick Chicks Are Loved By...

Women who are in intensive care or have physical constraints:

"I was able to change my panties on my own, without help... With the clips on the side I was able to remove them and put them on without even getting out of bed. It really just made me feel so much better and empowered me to want to fight and push through... The medical professionals that I encounter all the time are amazed at Slick Chicks in their functional design for someone who could use an extra hand."


Strong, Empowered Woman


"They are such a cool, thoughtful design; my life just became that little bit easier. Am super touched by peoples kindness and ingenuity, so a big thanks to the team @slickchicksonline you guys are awesome!!!”


                                                                   Artist, PhD student & Wheelchair User



Women who are pregnant:

"From the moment I put on these undies I fell in love! Comfy, feel like skin, move easily with my movements..and they sit just right on my pregnant belly. It's perfect for an expecting mom because you don't have to bend over to put these on! I love them!!!!"


Lovely Expecting Mother


Women who are active and on the go:

"I absolutely love Slick Chicks. Have been wearing them since I saw the unique product on the market and decided to try it. I started wearing Slick Chicks during exercises. Soon I realized that no other undies were able to provide that weightless and dry feeling during sweaty workouts. Be it cycling, bikram yoga or jogging, I always feel comfortable. I no longer limit myself to wearing this awesome product to the gym only. It has became one of my wardrobe essentials. During my 8 hour work day on my feet I no longer need to adjust my underwear or worry about a thing. If you are an active person and like to stay comfortable throughout your daily activities, try wearing Slick Chicks. You will love it too!"


Fit and Ambitious Boss Babe


Women who adore comfortable, affordable underwear:

"I just started wearing SlickChicks recently but am already in love with this product. It has all the qualities no underwear was able to deliver before (at least I was not successful at finding it). I really like this brand for its comfortable and soft texture that allows my body to breath; for emphasizing my curvy body (but yet holding that pouch in so it's almost invisible when I'm wearing slim dresses); for being the easiest underwear in handling (taking it off and putting it on is the matter of seconds)! But most of all I love this brand for providing such high quality product for a very affordable price! Thank you!"


Comfort-Loving Smart Shopper