For Homeless Women the Struggle of Dealing With Menstruation Is Real. Period.

For Homeless Women the Struggle of Dealing With Menstruation Is Real. Period.

Slick Chicks main goal is to make women feel confident. When we find other people after the same thing we can't help but partner up with them! We are here to empower women and not every woman in this world has a home. More than that not every woman has access to essential feminine care products. What could be less empowering and less confidence building than lacking the means to take care of something that is a natural part of life? Feminine products are the least donated items to homeless shelters. Sure everyone can donate a can of beans but a box of tampons is JUST as important to any lady out there. Us (slick) chicks need to band together to put an end to this issue.

We are joining in on the efforts of The Homeless Period Project, an organization whose goal is to get essential feminine care products to those in need. For most of us throwing a pad or a tampon in our bag is hardly even a thought! It's unbelievable to think of what life would be like without access to these basic essentials. That's not a very empowering thought, is it? The Homeless Period Project collects feminine product donations as well as monetary donations at various locations.

Listen, getting your period is hard enough when you DO have the tools to deal with it. Let's help some fellow chicks out there get the stuff they need so they can feel a little more confident than they might be able to afford.

Click this link for more information on how you can donate and support this cause. And to find out more ways to help the homeless in your community visit The National Coalition for the Homeless.


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  • Bridgette Watson

    Thank you for advocating for us!! We are so appreciate of everyone’s support for the Cause!

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