Why Slick Chicks?

Slick Chicks are the revolutionary new way for women to wear underwear without having to take off other clothing first. This can be especially time consuming and difficult for physically active women, women on the go, and pregnant women. This may also be a problem for women with leakage or incontinent issues, women that are extremely sore after a workout, or for women with a medical condition that makes it difficult for them to bend over to remove their underwear.

How do Slick Chicks work?

Slick Chicks underwear are designed to include a front panel, a rear panel, and a lining. The front and back panels include a set of hook and eyes on either side of the waistband. Each side of the hook and eyes connect and match up to close and form the underwear.

What styles and colors of Slick Chicks are offered?

Slick Chicks are currently offered in our thong, bikini brief, and boy short styles.

Every style comes in the colors white, black, and beige. 

Where can I find Slick Chicks?

You can buy Slick Chicks directly from our Shop page. An updated Store Locator will be available soon.

Can you help me with sizing?

Please refer to our sizing chart or email us at info@slickchicksonline.com for assistance.

Help, I don’t see my size! What do I do?

Please contact our customer support team at info@slickchicksonline.com.

What are Slick Chicks made of?

Slick Chicks are made from a super soft nylon/spandex blend. The gusset is made from 100% cotton. We also went the extra step in providing you with a moisture wicking and anti-microbial finish to keep you fresher longer.

How do I care for Slick Chicks?

Proper care is essential in preserving the life of your Slick Chicks. We recommend hand washing with a mild detergent. However, if you machine wash please use a mesh or lingerie bag, making sure that the hooks are fastened, on a delicate cycle in cool water. Always hang to dry so you won’t lose elasticity in a machine dryer.

How do I subscribe to the Slick Chicks mailing list?

You can sign up for our newsletters by adding your email address at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Will you ship outside of the United States?

Yes! We are now shipping internationally.

Don’t see what you are looking for?

Contact us at info@slickchicksonline.com