Our Patented

See How it Works
Our undies are designed with side fasteners that make it easy for someone to put on or take off whether they are sitting, standing, or laying down.
Unclip the fasteners on each side of the waistband to open.
Match each side up to fasten and put on the underwear.

Materials & Tech


The perfect amount of stretch, so when you move, they move with you. This multi-directional stretch also helps to keep the underwear in place. The padding on the back of the fasteners feel like second skin, providing all day comfort.


A natural cotton lining that provides breathability and promotes leak protection and comfort.

Moisture Wicking Technology

Perfect for those super sweaty days and accidental bladder leaks.

Anti-Microbial Finish

Our special fabric can help avert bacterial buildup, odor, and potentially even yeast infections. Trapping in moisture can lead to not so fun bacterial related skin infections that are itchy and irritating.

Adaptive Underwear
& Ehlers Danlos Syndrome