In an ideal world we could all have brand new underwear everyday. Unfortunately that kind of lifestyle isn’t very eco conscious or affordable. Frankly who has the space for 365 pairs of panties?

We Slick Chicks know what a pain it can be to deal with delicates. They require a little extra love and care, who has the time for that? The good news is we found a product just as savvy as ours. We are so excited to share a solution to our panty problems!

Our fellow lady bosses at Soak Wash have come up with a soak only detergent to keep your delicates delicate longer than you would think. These suds are not only eco friendly but they are bank account friendly as well! We know our undies don’t grow on trees so anything that keeps you and your wallet fresh is good in our books.

So what is Soak? You can check their super fly website for a step by step tutorial but the general concept is this: Soak is a low sulfates(suds) detergent. What this means is that you don’t need to bother rinsing anything! The liquid evaporates leaving your unmentionables (as a famed song puts it) “so fresh and so clean clean”.

Soak is the perfect counterpart to Slick Chicks. We are all about that on the go lifestyle where convenience is key. Even better, Soak has travel kits! Armed with a pair of our panties and this detergent, even the most over scheduled, overwhelmed chick can have her butt covered (pun intended) when it comes to her intimates.

Soak will keep your Slick Chicks extra slick and in turn keep our chicks extra confident. We can’t argue with logic like that!

Enter our giveaway below and you could win 2 pairs of Slick Chicks underwear and a travel set from Soak!

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