A Self-Care Guide for the Holiday Season

A Self-Care Guide for the Holiday Season

In today’s Covid-19 world, we are forced to spend more time alone than ever before. This self-isolation period seems more apparent than ever during the holiday season. What usually incites excitement during the holiday season- visits with family and friends, sharing of gifts- is unfortunately not the case this year. This year we are forced to get creative in order to get into the holiday spirit. 

Help yourself get more into the spirit by taking a little extra time for yourself. This holiday season is an essential time to start (or continue!) to practice self-care. The practice of self-care is not solely related to the physical aspects of oneself, it involves all aspects of oneself- mental and emotional health included. Listed below is a self-care guide to get you started or to give you ideas to implement into your continuing routine: 

  • Put on something that makes you feel cozy 

  • This adaptive sweater from Tommy Hilfiger is sure to keep you festive and warm throughout the season. Magnetic fasteners and a wide neckline makes dressing cozy that much easier. 

  • Make yourself a hot (or cold) drink 
  • Whether your drink of choice is hot cocoa, coffee, or tea, this tumbler from FFORA keeps your drink hot or cold, and always stylish. 

  • Take time to do as much (or as little) skincare as you want

    This soft-bristle body brush from EcoTools allows you to thoroughly cleanse even the most out of reach places. 

  • Read something you find enjoyable

  • This book of poetry by Fariha Róisín might be just what you need for the year’s end. Róisín artfully tackles the journey to self-acceptance and forgiveness through her personal experiences as a woman. 

  • FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype with friends or family members 

  • Connect and catch up with friends and family with a quick (or lengthy!) call.

  • Take time to stretch and rest your eyes 
  • Over the course of the pandemic we have been forced to connect with others primarily through the use of screens. Our bodies have endured the aches and pains this change has caused. In order to best combat these aches, be sure to take frequent breaks from screens in order to stretch and rest your eyes. 

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