Adaptive is for Everyone

Adaptive is for Everyone

We all want to make life simpler for ourselves, myself included. As a working woman and student, I am nonstop throughout the majority of my days. Zoom meetings and project deadlines are enough to fill up an entire day’s schedule. Some days I find myself barely having enough time or energy to get dressed, let alone having to redress throughout the day. 

As women, the occasional bladder leak or menstrual mishap can be enough to ruin a productive day. When these accidents happen in non-adaptive underwear, we are forced to either continue our day in the same underwear or find time to change. Either of these options will result in an added level of stress- comfortability will be sacrificed with option one and time will be lost with option two. 

At Slick Chicks, we believe that if life’s little accidents force us to adapt to our circumstances, our underwear should too. Every detail of our products is carefully considered and constructed to offer comfort throughout the day. Our side-fastening design allows for seamless dressing and undressing for all and moisture wicking technology and an anti-microbial finish in our nylon & spandex blend enables us to go throughout our day without having to worry about changing underwear. 

As a women-run business, we know and understand the uncomfortability that arises with bladder and menstrual annoyances. Because of these annoyances, we specifically designed our products to adapt to the needs of all women. Adaptivity is involved in the elements of simplicity and seamlessness, not the sacrifice of comfortability or energy. Our adaptive products are not limited to a certain population of women, they are for all who desire a simpler, more stress-free day.

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