All About Pre-Orders

All About Pre-Orders
Hello everyone!
Thank you so much for making our Kickstarter a success! We are so grateful to everyone who supported us.

As you saw from our website, we are now taking pre-orders for all styles, sizes, and colors of Slick Chicks! Confused about pre-orders? Don't worry -- we've got you covered. 

WHAT is a pre-order?
A pre-order is basically the same thing as a basic order -- except instead of fulfilling and shipping your order as soon as we receive it, we will fulfill and ship your order as soon as we restock in inventory. You will receive the same quality product, cute packaging, and love as with a basic order -- we will just be sending it all out a bit later.
WHY are there pre-orders?
We currently have very limited inventory. The Kickstarter funds allow us to finish another manufacturing run in order to restock. Once we restock, then we will ship your order right away.
WHEN will I be charged?
Although your order will not be shipped until later, you will be charged immediately when you confirm you order. You do NOT need to worry about being charged later.
WHEN can I expect my order to arrive?
You can expect your Slick Chicks to arrive in October at the latest.
And if you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us!
Stay Empowered.
Much Love,
Slick Chicks Team xoxo

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