Ambassador Spotlight: Ashley Brown

Ambassador Spotlight: Ashley Brown
Here at Slick Chicks we believe our ambassadors are the forefront of our success. Our ambassadors are chosen based on their impactful missions to help better society and better themselves in the process. Our ambassadors are dedicated to their communities and for that (and more) we are proud to have them as the main representatives of our brand. 
Ashley is a small content creator based in Pittsburg, PA living with  fibromyalgia, arthritis, and gynecological issues. She works in the arts and the higher education system. To learn more about how Ashley deals with critics and her relationship with social media, read on below. 
How do you spiritually prepare yourself for each day? Do you have a mantra or meditation you do if things ever become overwhelming?
I always have to remind myself that I feel my worst when I stop. I have to keep myself moving and getting to the places I need to go; I lose motivation very easily because it’s just hard to do everything sometimes.
How do you empower yourself?
My work motivates me. I work with students on a daily basis, and being able to be here for them makes me feel strong. Knowing that I can make a difference in their lives keeps me going.
How do you process and deal with any critics you may have?
It’s honestly really hard. I’m only 25, and people don’t always take my disabilities seriously because I’m young and don’t “look” disabled. I just have to remind myself that society has conditioned people to believe that only certain people can have the problems I have, so it’s not their fault that that’s what they were taught. When I have the chance, I try to educate those people and hope the message gets passed along that people of all ages can be disabled.
Where does your overall determination come from?
I’ve always been a very ambitious person. My determination comes from wanting to see just how far I can go, and every time I surpass my goals I’m inspired to keep going further.
What is your relationship with social media?
I think social media is a vital tool for communication; I’ve made so many friends who relate to my experiences, and I wouldn’t have ever met them without it. I like to use social media for creativity and expression (I’m really into fashion), but I also use it as an educational tool whenever I can.
Why does representation matter for you?
A lot of people just don’t believe things unless they see them. As much as having representation helps me feel seen, I really want representation to show those outside of the community that we exist.
What do you love about Slick Chicks?
Slick Chicks makes me feel confident in knowing that I can do something as “simple” as dress myself in the morning. I love the community they’ve fostered and can’t wait to see what comes in the future.
To learn more about Ashley and her passion for the arts, follow her on Instagram.

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