Ambassador Spotlight: Kyla Greenhut

Ambassador Spotlight: Kyla Greenhut
Here at Slick Chicks we believe our ambassadors are the forefront of our success. Our ambassadors are chosen based on their impactful missions to help better society and better themselves in the process. Our ambassadors are dedicated to their communities and for that (and more) we are proud to have them as the main representatives of our brand. 
Kyla Greenhut is a college student whose goal is to become a special education teacher. Kyla is passionate about accessibility and disability education and it shines through her educational TikTok videos. Below, Kyla gives us insight into how she empowers herself through creativity, her relationship with social media and why representation is so important to her. 
How do you spiritually prepare yourself for each day? Do you have a mantra or meditation you do if things ever become overwhelming?
I like to start every morning off with a cup of tea, preferably on my porch if it’s nice weather. I’m a creature of habit and I like to keep a routine. I keep myself calm through my art, often embroidering for hours.  
How do you empower yourself?
I empower myself through my creativity. I embroider clothing to feel confident in and color/style my hair to express myself. 
How do you process and deal with any critics you may have?
Whenever I encounter critics or negativity I try to remind myself that I’ve made it through everything life has thrown at me thus far and a few peoples opinions are minuscule in the grand scheme of things. 
Where does your overall determination come from?
A lot of my determination comes from my family. I have a two year old sister and I want to be the best person I can be for her. 
What is your relationship with social media?
I started posting about my spinal cord injury recovery journey on TikTok about a year ago in hopes of finding other people to relate with. As much as my friends and family can sympathize with me, none of them could relate to what I was going through. My friend suggested starting a TikTok and I didn’t think much was going to happen but to my surprise, I’ve met incredible community of people that just continues to grow! 
Why does representation matter for you? 
I want to show others that disabled people can live independent and happy lives, even if we have to do things a little bit different.
What do you love about Slick Chicks?
Getting dressed as a paraplegic is always difficult. I love Slick Chicks' combination of accessibility and style. 
To learn more about Kyla and her passion for disability education, follow her on Tiktok and Instagram.

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