An Equal World is an Enabled World

An Equal World is an Enabled World

Hello Slick Chicks fam! We hope everyone is staying healthy during this time! Today, our conversation centers around one simple phrase, an equal world is an enabled world. We think that this is a thought-provoking topic. Truth be told, individually we're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day. Keeping this thought in mind, we can also actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations, and celebrate women's achievements. Let’s face it, in society today gender equality is essential for any community to thrive.

Collectively, each one of us, no matter our age or ability, can make strides and help create a gender-equal world. Our individual actions, conversations, behaviors, and mindsets can have an impact on our larger society and even the generations to come. Every day if we make even a small amount of effort we can and will make a large amount of change. We can all help to create a gender-equal world. 

EDUCATION is the key! It is paramount that we teach our young children their own individual worth and personal strengths. We must teach them that they are both able and fully capable of doing whatever they choose. They must know that their presence matters. After all, the race is on for a gender-equal boardroom, a gender-equal government, gender-equal media coverage, gender-equal workplaces, gender-equal sports coverage, and more gender equality in health and wealth... so let's make it happen. 

It's going to take everyone to think and be inclusive. In closing, we would like to pose this question to you, our readers. How will YOU take action today and beyond to help accelerate gender equality?

As we mentioned, we believe that education is the key to any type of societal growth. It is with that thought in mind I personally decided to write my daughters who are now teenagers an open letter to not only show my constant unchanging love for them, but explain the impact they as young women can have on the world. Another goal I had in writing the letter below is to let them know that I will always and forever support both of them in achieving any goal they ever have. I felt it was important to let them know that they are fully capable of anything they put their mind to. Remember this no matter how small the effort we ALL have the ability to make change happen. So why not start today and do your part? Help make society more inclusive and say YES to Gender Equality! 

To my incredible girls Macey and Taler,

 It is my hope that you read this one day and are reminded of how unique and special you are! I hope you realize what a great impact YOU can make on the world you live in and how important that impact can also be in the lives of others. The moment I learned about your existence my world changed for the better. The mere idea of your essence gave me a newfound sense of hope, inspiration, and commitment, and hope for what the future will have in store because you are a part of it. You are and have always been my inspiration to work harder and smarter so that we can have a fruitful life together. The fact that you both are my daughters has filled me with a happiness that I can’t quite pen with words, but please know that it penetrates the heart, mind, and soul, thus giving my existence a new sense of purpose. Before I share my advice for your future, I must first tell you how incredible you both are. The two of you already are and forever will be unstoppable and you both already are true forces to be reckoned with. I know that no matter what path you chose to take in the future, you both will be AMAZING!  However, I must tell you that the world we live in is not perfect, but beautifully flawed. Our family journey to this point has not been easy, so we must make the best of it and work harder than most. Here are some pieces of advice as you begin your journey:

Be happy. Life is too short and fragile.

Dream big and follow your passions wholeheartedly.

Be confident and feel empowered in your beautiful skin.

Always demand respect.

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything.

Work hard, never give up, work hard again.

Sometimes people will not understand you, that is OK.

 Always be kind, accepting, and loving to others.

Give back to others.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes (I have made many), but make sure you learn from them.

Ask for help, you have more people in your corner than I had.

Do your part to promote a more gender-equal world.

Always ask questions, be inquisitive, and rise to the challenges life will surely present.

 The truth is that I don’t know what the journey ahead has in store for each of you, but no matter what, my love and dedication you have forever. I will always be your mom and I will always be here to listen, advise, and challenge you to be better. If I do not hold you accountable, no one else will. Remember I will always have your best interest. I will do my absolute best to never let you down and will be your best friend and confidant. Always remember, you are powerful, you are strong, you were put on this earth for a reason… now go and conquer the world!

Love you so BIG always,


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See ya in your skivvies! 

Shannon and the Slick Chicks Team

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