Best Products for People with Chronic Illnesses

Best Products for People with Chronic Illnesses

Whether quarantine has you feeling especially unmotivated, or you’re in an absolutely wretched pain flare, these products are about to become your best friends. We aren’t going fancy or expensive but having a few simple things that make life easier while you’re dealing with a chronic illness is always the best bet. Here are our top picks for the most chronic illness friendly products out there right now:

Dry Shampoo

You don’t always have time, or the energy, for a full on shower. Dry shampoo is a chronic illnesses best friend. 

Folding Cane

For those quick trips that turned out to be a little longer than you intended, stuff this folding cane in your purse, backpack, or even your glove compartment and be prepared anywhere. 

Lock Laces

Not being able to tie your shoes is such a pain, especially when the only alternative is often some clunky old velcro shoes that make you feel 5 or 105. These lock laces replace the laces on your favorite shoes and allow you to slip on and tighten up with ease.

Lap Desk

On the days you can’t get out of bed, we recommend this stellar lap desk. The folding portions allow you to adjust what you see so you can sit up or lie down and work your butt off. 

Microwavable Heating Pad

This heating pad can wrap around your knee, ankle, elbow, back, tummy, neck, you name it! Perfect for when the pain flares hit without warning!

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