Black Owned Businesses to Support 

Black Owned Businesses to Support 

In 1970, Black History Month was designated as a month of observance for the adversity faced by black communities in the United States. Black History Month celebrates the achievements of generations of African Americans who persevered for rights to equality and citizenship. Since its initial designation in the United States, other countries have followed in the path of observance, including Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

Black History Month gives us all an opportunity to best support black owned businesses in our communities. Over the course of the pandemic, black owned businesses have been hit the hardest out of the small business community. These businesses are essential in order to help close the racial wealth gap in the United States whilst empowering black communities. By supporting black owned businesses, you can help create more opportunities in generational wealth throughout black communities. 

Featured below are some of our top picks in beauty, health, and fashion; all of which are either available for purchase at Target or Nordstrom!

Beauty Bakerie

A hit among influencers and celebrity makeup artists alike, Beauty Bakerie seems to do it all. Founded by breast cancer survivor Cashmere Nicole, she strives to “sweeten the lives of others” by only using high quality, healthy ingredients. Beauty Bakerie provides cruelty-free and health conscious beauty and skincare products that seamlessly incorporate their brand’s vibrant personality. 

The “Proof is in the Pudding” Eyeshadow Palette available for purchase at and Nordstrom.

Baby Tress

Baby Tress was founded on the purpose of elevating the beauty experience for women of color. This Edge Styler from Baby Tress combines three processes in one product: 1) Separation and Smoothing, 2) Swoop and Shape, and 3) Defining and Perfecting. The innovative beauty tool is available in a variety of fun and aesthetically-pleasing colors including lilac, blush (pictured below), and powder blue. 

The Edge Styler in Blush available for purchase at and Nordstrom

The Honey Pot Company

This line of plant-based feminine products started small, launching at an Atlanta hair show in 2013. Founded by Bea Dixon, this line was made by women in order to best formulate safe, cruelty-free, and biodegradable products for women by only using the purest ingredients in their formulas. Their cleansing, wellness, and menstruation products are available for purchase at Target and The Honey Pot Company’s website, 

The Normal Foaming Wash available for purchase at and Target 

Black Girl Sunscreen

Created in Miami, Black Girl Sunscreen was founded in order to create sunscreen specifically formulated for women of color. Their cruelty-free, reef safe, vegan, and all-natural formulas do not leave behind the white residue common in most sunscreens today. Black Girl Sunscreen’s moisturizing products are made for everyday use on both the face and body. 

The SPF 30 Formula available for purchase at and Target.


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