#BossBabes Words of Wisdom

#BossBabes Words of Wisdom

Hello Ladies!

We have Equal Pay Day, International Women's Day, Women Equality Day, etc. to celebrate the amazing progress we have made throughout history for the empowerment of women. While these days are wonderful, and we should continue to commemorate them, EVERY DAY is a day to celebrate our power.


 Every day is a opportune day to inspire and motivate each other to be the bravest we can be. At Slick Chicks, we're all about empowering women and working together in order to do great things. This summer, we were stationed at the Grind on West Street and were able to meet some absolutely inspiring female founders. These kick-butt #BossBabes gave us some of their favorite motivational words of wisdom to share with you!

So whether you need a pick me up or need a friendly push to get started, here are a some words of wisdom from other strong women who are cheering you on!

"If you want something you're never had, you've got to do something you've never done."

"Listen to what people have to say. But learn to sift out the positive and useful from the negative."

"When you get frustrated and nothing seems to be going well for the business, and all you want to do is give up, don't. Go for a walk or call a friend to give yourself a break to reassess the problems you're facing. Go back when your mind is clear and calm, and the results will be surprisingly positive and productive."


"We each take our own path, and it's not a race. Sometimes you need to take the scenic route to get to your destination."

"You are smarter, stronger, and braver than you ever thought you could be."

"The best is yet to come, always!"

"There is only one person who can keep you happy and fulfilled. Believe in yourself!"

"Live your dream, and you will also be happy. Even if it seems impossible to achieve it."

"You will not do anything extraordinary if you're afraid of failure."

"Invest in kindness-- it pays the greatest return."

 "A successful entrepreneur or #BossBabe should always be kind and an equal balance of confident + humble."

"Always remember that the flower that blooms through adversity is the most beautiful and rare of them all."


Now go out and be the #BossBabe you know you are!


Stay Empowered. 

Much Love, 

Helya & The Slick Chicks Team xoxo

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