BREAKING NEWS: Slick Chicks September Special!

BREAKING NEWS: Slick Chicks September Special!

As we all know, there are many reasons to love Slick Chicks:

1. Super Comfortable

2. Moisture-wicking, Anti-microbial Fabric

3. Chic Design

AND most of all....

4. Unique Functionality 

The feedback from our amazing customers showed us that women really love being able to slip quickly and discreetly out of one pair and into another. 

BUT!     (pun absolutely intended)

Many women worried about carrying around a second pair of underwear. 

How can I carry it around in my purse without it being noticed if I open my bag? How can I keep it clean and sanitary in my purse? How can I make sure I can quickly find it even if it falls to the bottom of my bag?

No worries ladies -- the Slick Chicks team has you covered!

All this month, when you pre-order at least TWO pairs of Slick Chicks (the optimal switch into and out of duo), we will also send you a FREE, super cute Slick Chicks lingerie zipper pouch!  

If you've been following us on Instagram (which you totally should be), we've been posting sneak previews of the pouches! They come in beige or black canvas and are great for carrying Slick Chicks, make up, notes, etc. 

Get yours NOW while supplies last!

Stay Empowered. 


Much love, 

The Slick Chicks Team xoxo


*Zipper pouches will ship with pre-orders in October. 

**The two or more pairs ordered can be of different sizes, styles, colors, etc. You just need to order two or more pairs of Slick Chicks in general. 

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