Celebrate Black History Month by Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

Black history month adaptive clothing
Happy Black History Month from us here at Slick Chicks! 
Black History Month gives us all an opportunity to best support black-owned businesses in our communities. Over the course of the pandemic, black-owned businesses have been hit the hardest out of the small business community. These businesses are essential in order to help close the racial wealth gap in the United States whilst helping to empower black communities. By supporting black owned businesses, you can help create more opportunities in generational wealth throughout black communities. 
To best celebrate, we at Slick Chicks wanted to put together a list of (a few of) our favorite black-owned businesses. Each business on this list is committed to bettering the world through their mission, values, and practices. Featured below are some of our top picks in wellness, apparel, food + beverage, and women’s health: 
Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson started BLK & Bold with the desire to make purpose popular and help youth in underprivileged communities. 5% of BLK & Bold’s profits help support initiatives aligned to sustain youth programs, enhance workforce development, and eradicate youth homelessness. They believe that great business stems from investing in communities- and they are surely here proving it!
PUR Home is committed to creating clean, sustainable, and safe cleaning products for your home AND Mother Earth! In 2012, Founder & CEO Angela Richardson decided to go completely natural in regards to the daily products she used. It was through this process that she discovered the harmful ingredients that she was using before her eco-journey and committed to creating safe and effective cleaning products for all. 
The Slick Pick: All-In-One Concentrate
GOLDE’s mission is to make wellness accessible for all through their affordable, quality, natural products. Trinity Mouzon Wofford co-founded GOLDE with her partner Issey Kobori in 2017 with the goal of making wellness products that are easily incorporated into everyday life. Since their founding in 2017, GOLDE has become a cult-favorite amongst social media fans. 
The Slick Pick: Pure Matcha
Suzanne Sinatra founded Private Packs to solve a common problem, chronic genital pain. Suzanne’s own experience with chronic pain and vulvovaginal discomfort pushed her to create a product to help others facing similar issues. Their commitment to sustainability shows directly in their product- Private Packs are able to be reused up to 200 times! Say bye-bye to single-use ice packs! 
Established in 2012, SOKO is a women-led ethical jewelry brand whose mission is to empower and connect marginalized Kenyan artisans to the global marketplace. SOKO empowers their artisans, customers, and team through their work towards financial inclusion and sustainable processes. 
The Slick Pick: Uzi Hoop Earrings

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