Celebrate Women's Equality With These Impactful Resources

Celebrate Women's Equality With These Impactful Resources

Happy Women’s Equality Day from the Slick Chicks team! We are so honored to be a part of a community of women that empower each other day in and out. 

Today, August 26th, is a day dedicated to commemorate the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. constitution, of which granted the right to vote to women. Women’s Equality Day celebrates and honors the hard-fought advocacy of the movement for universal suffrage that led to the 19th Amendment. This day also gives opportunity for a renewal of focus to protecting women’s rights. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, this is more important to focus on than ever. 

Here at Slick Chicks, we think it’s important to celebrate Women’s Equality Day by educating ourselves around topics involving women’s equality and empowerment. Below are a few educational resources that provide invaluable information and insight on the history and experiences of those who fought and those who are still fighting for women’s equality today. These resources have helped tremendously in our self-education and we hope they’ll have the same impact on you.


Women, Race, & Class by Angela Davis 

Women, Race & Class is a powerful study of the women’s liberation movement written by Civil Rights activist Angela Davis. In the novel, Davis shows readers how the inequalities between Black and white women influence significant issues such as rape and freedom of reproductive rights. 


Broad Influence: How Women Are Changing the Way America Works by Jay Newton-Small

In this novel by political correspondent Jay Newton-Small, Newton-Small provides a look into how women are directly changing the U.S. government and workforce. The novel features exclusive interviews with Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Palin, and other government officials highlighting the power shift of women in government and in America itself. 


The UN Women’s Rights Timeline

This resourceful timeline highlights both the pivotal steps taken by women in the international suffrage movement. The timeline begins in 1840 with the first women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York and ends with today’s digital activism movements such as #MeToo and #BringBackOurGirls. 


Hidden Figures 

Hidden Figures shines light on three Black women who played a crucial part at NASA during the space race in the 1960’s. The film calls attention to the achievements of mathematician Katherine Johnson, NASA’s first Black female aeronautical engineer Mary Jackson, and NASA’s first Black supervisor Dorothy Vaughn. 

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