Equal Employment

Equal Employment

Hey there beauties! Hope everyone’s had an awesome summer and you have found it easy to transition back into your daily work routine. We took a little break but we are back and ready to cover some super important issues! Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, people with disabilities have more access to the community than ever before. However, there is still one area of public life where we are left behind and that’s employment. All too often, people with disabilities want to work but encounter obstacles to employment.

Although society as a whole is continuously working hard to close this employment gap through programs and advocacy aimed at reducing (and hopefully eliminating) these barriers, there are still many hurdles to overcome.

  The sad truth is that only 40 percent of adults with disabilities in their prime working years (ages 25-54) have a job, compared to 79 percent of all prime-age adults. Employment is a vital part of the goals articulated by the ADA—equality of opportunity, full participation, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency.

To further the goal of increasing employment among people with disabilities, local leaders can and should continue applying public and private resources to craft better inclusive education plans. This would improve opportunities and remove barriers for students with disabilities, who are soon to be transitioning out of high school or collegiate studies and entering the workforce.

Furthermore, closing the employment gap is dependent on organizations creating a culture of inclusion for employees and applicants with disabilities.

We believe wholeheartedly that it's not simply about making a facility physically accessible. It's also about making services inclusive and sending a message that people with disabilities are welcome in every organization and business - anytime. 

Personally speaking, I am so proud to say I am a part of such a forward thinking company; rooted in opportunity for all, diverse, and inclusive. At Slick Chicks we know that "the disability does not define the person". Our company strongly focuses on the individual talents and gifts of everyone on our team, knowing what a tremendous asset that can be for a business to grow and evolve.

It is our goal to encourage everyone in society to keep working towards overcoming the biggest hurdle to employment for people with disabilities: educating and changing the perceptions of employers. Through discussion and learning, employers can come to understand that people with disabilities are an untapped workforce who are ready to transform the way business can be done.

Employment is essential for ALL people. So let's keep the conversation going!

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See ya in your skivvies!

Shannon and the Slick Chicks Team

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  • Kelly Chatham

    A GREAT read and something that most people never consider unless they have a disabled person in their family. Keep up the good work!

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