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September is one of the biggest moving months in the United States. People all over the country are packing up and moving somewhere new. Unfortunately, with moving (usually) comes increased stress levels. To make the process a little more bearable, we here at Slick Chicks put together some things we believe are essential to your new home! 
A Cozy Blanket
The colder months are creeping up, which means it’s time to start thinking about the cozier things in life. This blanket is cable knit for extra warmth, comes in a variety of cute colors, and is available at Target! 
Bamboo Drawer Dividers
These drawer dividers are perfect for organizing all around your new home. The expandable function allows you to fit them inside nearly any kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom drawer. 
Cordless Vacuum
Make life a little easier on yourself by purchasing this beauty. It’s affordable, cordless, and best of! 
Pots for Greenery 
Liven up your space with beautiful flowers and greenery! But before you do, think about purchasing these tabletop planters from Target. 
Cover Photo by Fabrizio Morro

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