Fashionable & Functional Adaptive Wear

Fashionable & Functional Adaptive Wear
There are so many common misconceptions about adaptive wear- who it is intended for, the lack of item variety, the list goes on. One of the most inaccurate of the misconceptions revolves around adaptive wear’s supposed lack of fashionability. Featured below are a few of our favorite brands we think crush the misbeliefs: 
Care + Wear
Care + Wear is our top adaptive choice for functional healthwear that provides both comfort and style. Founded in 2014, Care + Wear has been changing the way that patients look and feel in healthwear products. Characterized by fun, bright colors and ultra-soft, machine washable fabric, their innovative products are also of a top medical grade.
Women’s Dual Chest Port Access Shirt in Nebulas Blue
Yarrow Apparel
The JUNIPERunitd collection Yarrow Apparel offers a variety of products aimed at simplifying everyday dressing for women. These elevated everyday basics are made with comfort, softness, and versatility in mind, a perfect addition to any wardrobe. 
The Nina Cardigan in White Swan
IZ Adaptive
 IZ Adaptive strives to provide timeless, comfortable, and stylish pieces to all those who seek out their products. IZ Adaptive makes a variety of products for everyday needs including jeans, athleticwear, and coats.
Game Changer Seamless Back Jeans in Indigo
Reboundwear offers a variety of multi-functional athletic wear items for women, men, and children. Their products are designed with both comfort and style in mind for everyday wear. Reboundwear’s versatile products are perfect for a trip to the gym, a neighborhood stroll, or a lunch date.
The Celine 3/4 Sleeve Jacket in Royal Brushed
Slick Chicks
And last but not least, we had to give ourselves a little love. Our side-fastening panties are made from sleek, breathable fabric that protects against bacteria, odor, and moisture. Each of our different styles of panties features a sleek cut in order to feel less bulky and more sexy. 
The Brief Panty in White 


Care + Wear Dual Chest Port Access Shirt: 

Yarrow The Nina Cardigan: 

IZ Adaptive Game Changer Seamless Back Jeans: 

Reboundwear The Celine 3/4 Sleeve Jacket:

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