Featured Slick Chick: Anjni Singh, Founder of Kali Active

Featured Slick Chick: Anjni Singh, Founder of Kali Active

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Building upon last week's motivational quotes from #BossBabes, we're taking it a step further and introducing to you our featured Slick Chick who encompasses every bit of being a #BossBabe -- and we absolutely adore her for it!

Meet Anjni Singh, Founder of Kali Active.

With her kick-ass brand and enthusiastic personality, Anjni is making a statement in the sportswear industry. She's out there representing for the strong and fearless women who want to break boundaries and stereotypes. We were super lucky to score some time from Anjni's busy schedule and have her answer some questions, give us some insight, and overall hype us all up for what's next to come from her as a #BossBabe! Check it out below!

For those who are not as familiar with your awesome brand, can you tell us in a few sentences what it's all about?

Kali Active is a women's active wear brand inspired by intense workouts such as boxing/kickboxing and spin.  A brand that brings style, function and a badass attitude to the sportswear industry.

What inspired you to start this?

My inspiration was this growing demographic of women who were redefining and breaking stereotypes of what women's roles in society should be.  Words like "strong', "fighter", "smart" and "fearless"  are being normalized by these women and that just gave me motivation to explore what that was in the sportswear industry.  I felt like there was more room to explore and celebrate these women from a brand perspective.

We learn as entrepreneurs that starting a business can be tough... but maintaining it can be even more challenging. What keeps you driven to your mission in Kali Active?

We most definitely have our fair share of bumps and tough days as we look to grow but our biggest motivation has been our customers and audience. We get some great emails and messages from people who send us encouraging words and inquiries of what else we are working on. They have been super supportive and also understand the importance of a brand like ours to be out there. 

Self-love is super important. What trait do you like the most about yourself? Why?

This is a tough one for me because I'm pretty brutal with myself. I'm always taking a self inventory of things I need to improve on.  I knew I was good at designing and visually putting pieces together, so I doubled down on that.  So, I think my creativity is something I truly cherish about myself.

However, it is also good to recognize our own demons and improve from them. What holds you back? How are you trying to overcome this obstacle?

For me, I think being a Sagittarius and a creative create a few obstacles.  Being a right brained person has given me some anxiety because I'm always trying to over compensate for that.  I think creatives are very special people in the sense that we get stuck in our heads way too much and I have to learn to just let go, keep pushing, and hope for the best! Fitness and working out has definitely helped to balance that energy.  Luckily this brand forces me to get out there and move.

Lastly, we all agree you're super badass. What's a piece of advice you can give other ladies to stay confident to themselves in challenging times?

Aww, thanks for the kind words! Trust me, I have not figured it all out but I know what has worked and helped me.  Stay focused on your own goals and truly cherish your own "vibe".  Be around people who inspire you and push you.  With social media, it's really hard to get sucked into certain things because it looks "cool" but make sure you are making time for the things that interest YOU and make YOU unique.  Heck, working on Kali Active people expect me to be this amazing boxer with a six pack and I feel that pressure but I also know that's not who I am fully.  I'm a designer that just happens to love fitness and boxing!


Thank you so much to Anjni for taking the time to answer our questions AND for being a role model to strong women everywhere. 

If you'd like to learn more about Anjni and Kali Active, be sure to check out their site HERE! You can also follow Kali Active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We're all about being social. ;-)

Stay tuned for upcoming Chick Me Out Blog posts -- we'll be covering packaging sneak peaks, important how-to's, and more featured Slick Chicks that we're so excited for you to meet!


Stay Empowered. 

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