Helping to Create A Bright, Inclusive Future for All!

Helping to Create A Bright, Inclusive Future for All!

Hey there beauties! We hope you are having a great week. As you know, at Slick Chicks we take pride in our mission to “empower people and give them the confidence they need to tackle any of life's daily challenges”. We strive to help people of all abilities embrace their bodies and love the skin they’re in. We believe that Every Body is a Beautiful Body!

One of our favorite things to do as a company is introduce our followers to likeminded businesses that celebrate choice, enhance independence, and enrich the lives of individuals living and thriving with disabilities. In today’s blog we are so excited to highlight The Blue Badge Company. We are constantly on the lookout for companies that believe as strongly in inclusivity, individuality, and acceptance as we do. We are so proud to know that The Blue Badge Company does just that. 

Their unique brand of independent lifestyle products are made in the U.K. They strive to uplift and inspire individuals with physical challenges and or disabilities. They have vibrant prints and designs which allow the customer access to both stylish and personalized independent lifestyle products, such as sock aids, shoe horns, walking aids with storage bags, bean bag lap trays for wheelchair users, and much more!

Much like Slick Chicks, they are champions of inclusivity and diversity within the workplace and elsewhere. In fact, they are so committed to employing those with limited work options and or physical challenges that over 40 percent of their “tour” team is either disabled or a primary caregiver. How cool is that?! The Blue Badge Company strongly believes and spreads the message that individuals do not have to sacrifice style, identity, femininity, personality and most of all independence just because they have a medical condition.

Slick Chicks could not agree more with The Blue Badge Company’s message. Needless to say, when we got the chance to have a bit of a chat with their Digital Marketing Manager, Federica Pitzeri, we could not pass it up! See our Q & A below. We know you’ll be just as blown away by The Blue Badge Company as we were!

In what ways do you think The Blue Badge Company impacts the disability community?

Well, for starters, the brand makes unique, high-quality independent lifestyle products and living aids that say more about style than age or ability. Our goal is giving people access to desirable, stylish lifestyle products that celebrate choice, independence and individuality. We give life to products that elderly people or people with disabilities can be proud of and display with pride, as they would with any other accessory. All the living aids you find around are quite sad and lifeless. Our mission is to offer people a choice to express themselves with style and pride, no matter what their health, age or appearance. Our vibrant range of designs and print aims to bring beauty to the everyday. We are also committed to employing those with limited work options: over 40% of the Blue Badge Company team is either disabled or a primary caregiver. We see ourselves as pioneers in promoting choice and individuality in relation to products for independent living.

What would you like any new customer who shops with The Blue Badge to know about the company and your mission?

We would love them to know that our useful products enhance independence and enrich lives. We champion choice and individuality while combining craftsmanship and quality. That we are passionate about UK manufacturing. That we pioneer inclusive employment opportunities and we are deeply involved in creating a future that is inclusive.

How would you define the words inclusion and diversity?

For us, inclusion is embracing diversity. Diversity is understanding that we are all different, that each individual is unique and that the world is a better place because of it. Nowadays we need to focus on these definitions more than ever. Diversity is what makes the world rich, is a word full of positivity and beauty. Inclusion is what makes us accept diversity in all its beauty and live in harmony.

A simple word like independence can mean so much to a person who has a disability. In what ways do Blue Badge company products enrich, enhance, or improve the life of someone with a physical challenge?

We offer different mobility and dressing aids, such as beautiful folding walking sticks with stylish storage bags, folding travel reachers, sock on aids, shoe horns. All these products allow people to go out and about in safety and style, to reach things they could not reach themselves, to put on socks and shoes safely. We also offer bean bag personalized lap trays with a picture for wheelchair users or those who enjoy having dinner while sitting on the sofa, using the laptop or having a tea without compromising their posture. Our wheat warmers are very useful for local pain relief, our pill cases can be very handy for weekly or daily medication. We offer more and more products like the ones above.

How long has The Blue Badge Company been in business? What are your future plans for the company?

The business started in 2011 with our Blue Badge disabled parking permit covers, colorful fabric covers that allow people to display their parking permit in style. Since then, the company has grown more and more opening up to new products and designs. We aim to be a reseller of useful, stylish independent lifestyle products of our own brand and different brands as well. We want to be a hub, a unique place where people with any kind of disability can find what they need and keep their style and identity at the same time. We are also developing a secondary side of the brand that implies us creating bespoke product solutions for other brands.

What does the word Empowerment mean to The Blue Badge Company?

Empowerment for us means giving people the chance to live to their full potential, helping them gain more power and control over their own lives. It means helping to increase their autonomy, their self-esteem becoming stronger, more confident, more independent. We are overjoyed to welcome The Blue Badge Company to the Slick Chicks family. We are so proud of the fact that we share similar messages of EMPOWERMENT and ACCEPTANCE that we can use moving forward to both inspire and encourage individuals, who not only live with, but thrive with disabilities! Get excited because...The future is inclusive and bright with The Blue Badge Company!

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See ya in your skivvies!

     Shannon & the Slick Chicks Team

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