Today we are celebrating the new look of the Slick Chicks website (Amazing, right?!). In keeping with the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings, this week’s conversation centers around the idea of self-empowerment and a few tips everyone can implement in their own daily lives and routines.   

Self-empowerment is the process that leads people to exert greater control over their lives. I personally, over the last few months have found myself embracing this idea. Doing more of what it takes to gain and live life with more self-empowerment. Self-empowerment includes cultivating skills that would ultimately allow you to influence certain outcomes and produce tangible results. This is different from merely feeling self-empowered. The truth is you may feel self-empowered by listening to a moving speech, but in all honesty, you won’t in fact be truly self-empowered unless you work to make measurable change in your life.

To some the idea of self-empowerment and self-awareness still sounds a bit cliche. However, we would like to take that thought and turn it upside down if you will, offering 8 tips (listed below) to help you become a more self-empowered person. When you think about self-empowerment, what comes to mind? I know for me,  self-empowerment means having the ability to be conscious of your choices, so that you can then evolve into the person you were meant to be. The most authentic version of yourself!

Frankly, I opted for this definition because I have noticed more lately that when we as people feel dis-empowered we lose sight of our capabilities. Having courage can help to combat the feeling of dis-empowerment. The fact is anyone who has even the smallest amount of courage is already on the road to being a more empowered person. In my view, courage is a pillar of self-empowerment and when combined with the tips listed below it can and will most certainly be an anchor for any real and lasting transformation in life. It can also help you overcome your fears and try new things. Having courage can also aid you in quitting the things that don’t serve you. We should never forget how powerful and freeing the words NO and goodbye can be.

We at Slick Chicks want to remind you that every journey is a process of discovery and truthfully it is impossible to know everything before experiencing any type of personal growth. However NEVER let that fact stop you from taking action. LEARN as you GROW!

 Tips for becoming more SELF-EMPOWERED:

  • Know yourself- Know what you want, know your passions, dreams, goals aspirations. Know your fears, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Know the kind of relationships you want to have in your life.
  • Be honest with yourself- Get to know YOU! Truth be told you probably spend a lot of time getting to know other people and helping other people, but how much time do you invest in yourself? Spend more time doing that! 
  • Take Responsibility for your life- Embrace your mistakes and your successes. You can’t begin to change your life unless you take responsibility. Don’t blame anyone else for the choices YOU make! Own them. The minute you begin doing so is the minute you begin to EMPOWER yourself. Then and only then can you start living the most authentic life possible.  
  • Honor yourself- Honor your body and eat nutritious foods. Apart from food, feed your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations daily. Surround yourself with people who will feed you with the most love, inspiration, and encouragement.
  • Live by your inner compass-  Listen to your intuition and listen to your heart. More often than not they both will give us signs that help us make choices in life. Believe in yourself as much as you believe in others. Stop seeing people for who you think they could be, see them as they are. Never head south, always head north! 
  • Choose empowering relationships- A lot of times we decide to enter relationships that aren’t always the best for us; they take advantage of our time, our hearts, our souls and yes sometimes they can even be abusive. So with that in mind, make the choice to be in relationships that are empowering for you and supportive and encouraging. This does not just mean intimate relationships, this also is true for all types of relationships including friendships and family relationships. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose the relationships that will benefit and enrich your life!  Most importantly choose to have an empowering relationship with YOURSELF! 
  • Become your own best friend-Don’t rely on others to bring you happiness. No one knows you like you. Embrace life because you only get one.  Enjoy it! Do the things that make you happy and NEVER apologize! 
  • Always keep learning- Make a conscious effort daily to learn something new! Explore parts of yourself that you’ve never explored before. Discover who YOU are! Know that to be the most empowered person you can be, you must be willing to evolve and change. None of this will ever happen if you choose to stop learning. Knowledge is the key to everything positive in life. 
  • Empower others- When you empower yourself you can then empower others. Be sure to support your friends and family in positive ways and  continue to make valuable connections. Show others what is possible and use your knowledge to help others realize their own gifts.

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See ya in your skivvies!
Shannon and the Slick Chicks Team

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