Five Ways To Prioritize Your Mental Health This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be one of the most draining and damaging times for mental health. Trying to balance travel plans, last minute work assignments, and familial situations can consume so much of our time that we forget to put our physical and mental health first. By implementing these suggestions into your holiday season routine, you can best prepare yourself for anything the holiday season throws at you: 
Accept Your Needs: It’s simpler said than done. Accept and honor your own needs this holiday season by choosing to put your mental and physical health first. In other words- when you need a break, choose to take a break. 
Set Boundaries: Familial situations can be stressful. Set some boundaries for yourself this year if they start getting to be too much. It’s important to remember that you can control what you choose to partake in or converse about.
Manage Your Time: Try your very best to avoid burn-out! Develop a well-planned schedule and stick to it. Carve out time for travel, events you’d like to attend, and self care. 
Practice Relaxation: Whenever you feel overwhelmed, settle your mind and body by taking a few deep breaths. Take this time to check in with yourself and try to pinpoint whatever is making you feel overwhelmed. 
Spend Time In Nature: Studies have shown that spending time outdoors helps to lower stress levels. When you need a break from the family, go for a stroll outside. We guarantee that you’ll go back inside feeling better!

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