Meet Our New Chief Content Chick!

Meet Our New Chief Content Chick!

Hey, there beauties! Chief Content Chick Shannon here and I have a question for you, what do you get when you combine an awesome, innovative, boss babe with a mission to empower women everywhere? How about a dash of uptown girl confidence and just a sprinkle of that lazy Sunday morning feel? If you ask me I'd say that is the perfect recipe for the simple, yet sassy undergarment and wardrobe staple we are so stoked for you to try, Slick Chicks underwear!

All of us here at Slick Chicks have a strong desire, much like our “fearless leader” Helya, to encourage and empower women everywhere to overcome the challenges that we face every day. These challenges can often cause us women to lose a bit of confidence. We all know that a lack of confidence hinders productivity. Slick Chicks is an up and coming company that is not only blazing our own trail in the adaptive underwear industry, but we are setting fire to stereotypes, proving that every woman and I mean every woman is a Slick Chick!

That’s right ladies, our undies are for YOU no matter your lifestyle.  We have a pair of skivvies that are sure to fit you perfectly. Our unique hook and eye fastener will make changing a breeze no matter your ability or circumstance. Ladies take it from me, the comfort of this underwear is unbelievable! The moment I received my first pair I was hooked (pun intended lol).

The overall design of the panty is simple, yet innovative. Nylon and spandex fabric provides multi- directional stretch allowing the underwear to stay in place no matter what activity you're doing. I personally love this underwear because of how amazingly versatile and easy they are to clean. I am such a fan of this perfect pair of panties because they do an awesome job keeping you dry with the built-in moisture wicking technology and anti-microbial finish. You won’t have to sweat the small stuff! Let's face it ladies, we all know sometimes things just happen and when they do you can rest assure that Slick Chicks have got you covered front to back!

Slick Chicks adaptive underwear are perfect for today’s do it all “Superchick.” Whether you are a mama on the move, a lady in command of a boardroom, or even a busy “push girl” like myself, our undies will allow you to do all that and more while providing unprecedented all day comfort.

The overall goal of Slick Chicks is to meet the needs of the everyday empowered woman. We are proud to say that we do that by combining three key elements: comfort, functionally and style. The chicks that purchase and wear this one of a kind panty are sure to love them. We want that chick to be you! So go browse the site, pick out your favorite style, try them on and tell us what you think. Become part of the Slick Chicks family! We love our bold, beautiful women!

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See ya in your skivvies!


Shannon & the Slick Chicks Team


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    Luv the new slick chick Shannon. She’s very relatable.

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