Our Favorite Black Female-Founded Nonprofits

Our Favorite Black Female-Founded Nonprofits

As February draws to a close, it is imperative that we continue to support organizations founded in the black community. Specifically, those founded and run by black women. Provided below are a few black female-founded nonprofits that are near and dear to our hearts: 

The Paige Fraser Foundation

Slick Chicks’ ambassador Paige Fraser started this foundation in 2017 in order to create a safe space for aspiring young artists in the Dance, Theater, Music, Art, and Writing fields. A commitment to diversity is one of the strongest values this foundation holds and it has held true to this throughout their years. In order to best uplift their community, The Paige Fraser Foundation works with other Bronx, NY organizations in order to provide ample opportunities for individuals in the community. The foundation is currently seeking volunteers for their programs! If you are interested, please apply via their website

Balanced Women 

Jewel-Ramnarine Gould founded Balanced Women on the mission to provide women from all walks of life assistance in order to best balance their many roles. Gould’s goals for Balanced Women are plentiful but they all encapsulate creating a safe and sacred space for women of all demographics. Balanced Women's first initiative, Sister-Sister, aims to provide black women with tools and resources in order to first better themselves and then their communities. 

The Loveland Foundation

Founded by Rachel Cargle, Loveland provides financial assistance to black women and girls seeking mental health services. There are a variety of ways to give to the Loveland foundation including becoming a partner with the cause, starting a giving circle, and much more. More information on ways to give can be found on Loveland’s official website

Black Girls CODE

Founded by electrical engineer Kimberly Bryant, Black Girls CODE provides a variety of opportunities for young women of color through their computer science and technology programs. Since 2013, Black Girls CODE has helped to teach over 3,000 young women skills in these programs. As their organization continues to significantly grow, Black Girls CODE is seeking volunteers and career specialists to assist them on their mission.

Links to Organizations/Foundations

The Paige Fraser Foundation: https://www.thepaigefraserfoundation.org/ 

Balanced Women: https://thebalancedwomen.com 

The Loveland Foundation: https://thelovelandfoundation.org 

Black Girls CODE: https://www.blackgirlscode.com 

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