Hey there beauties! Hope everyone's had an amazing couple of weeks! You can probably tell by the title of today's post what the topic of conversation is going to be. That's right, it’s that time of year when you have to put down the sun block and hit the books. As sad as we are to see summer fade, we’re so proud of our strong, independent, educated ladies who are getting ready to take the world by storm. If you're a college freshman or the new girl on campus who's a little nervous about the path ahead, know that you're about to embark on an amazing adventure. All of us here at Slick Chicks want you to know that we support you and we know this year will be the most amazing year yet!

We believe that education is the key to everything, no matter what future path you choose. A woman with a great education can do ANYTHING! And she can make a difference in her own community. Many people say that “knowledge is power”, and we absolutely agree! We are firm believers that knowledge builds a powerful woman! Education can empower, challenge, and push you to reach new heights and achieve far greater things than you ever thought possible. Being educated allows you to make decisions based on logic and reasoning, and create your own responses rather than simply following the pack.

William Butler Yeats once said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” The sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a higher education program can instill confidence and improve your overall well-being. Education is not only a great tool for financial prosperity, but it's good for your heart and soul as well. It’s true when they say that not everything can be taught from books. Life doesn’t hand you anything. Jobs don’t fall on your lap and dreams don’t just happen. You have to work for it; YOU have to make things happen.

College tosses us into a whole new world, filled with all different kinds of people. We all have things that we wish we could change or that we wish we did differently, but your college experience is a special one. So remember to study hard, eat that extra pizza slice, enjoy a party or two, and take that road trip with your besties.

As we close the book on both this blog and summer, the Slick Chicks team wants to leave you with just a few tips to help you make this year the best ever:


This is something you should keep in mind throughout your entire life, but it’s especially imperative your first weeks at school. You don’t know the kind of home life your fellow students are leaving behind or the environment they grew up in or what experiences they’ve been through. Be friendly, be welcoming, and be open-minded. Give people a chance.


Your roommate will thank you for this, your R.A. will thank you for this, and as someone who helps move you in, I would thank you for this. You don’t need 18 notebooks. Don’t clutter up your room before you’ve even started studying, because the year only gets busier and it only gets harder to find time to clean. Things really do accumulate over time. 


Yes, they are cheesy. Yes, they are awkward. Yes, you will probably be there with your roommate, but at least you won’t regret not going. And you never know who you’ll meet.


Give all sorts of clubs a try. Don’t limit yourself to one area of involvement. Go to the fair and see what’s out there. If you don’t see what you want, start a club of your own.


Let your mom make your bed, let your dad make awkward conversation with your roommate and do not be embarrassed. Keep in mind that college is a process for them too and that letting go of their baby can be equally as hard as you letting go of home.


Speaking of home, don’t forget about the city that raised you, the teachers that pushed you, the coaches that helped you grow as a person and the family that molded you. Think of home often, call your parents, and keep in touch with your friends from high school. It’s OK to miss home and it’s OK to feel like you’ve outgrown it, but have respect for the place that nurtured you.


I know I just mentioned this in the paragraph above, but call home…seriously! In fact, I’d say cherishing your family and keeping them up-to-date is a great quality to have. Don’t be afraid to tell your parents how you’re doing and what’s going on in your life. 


Play hard too, but know that your GPA won’t recover from a first-semester freshman slump. If you slack off your first semester, it’ll show. You won’t bounce back like you think you’re going to and you can’t ride through college like you may have through high school. Put some hours in at the library and do your best. 


You’re not going to graduate and say, “College was the best experience of my life and I’m so glad I stayed inside and got a 4.0.” Work as hard as you can and do your absolute best but know that your GPA isn’t everything. You’ll remember your time with friends and the experience you gained through internships and working more than you’ll remember what you got in English II with Professor Whatshisname.


If you’re struggling in a class, reach out to the professor. If you’re having floor problems, talk to your R.A. If you’re not happy, talk to the on-campus counselor. If you want to change your major, talk to your advisor. Reach out, reach out, reach out!

Ladies, the team here at Slick Chicks wants you all to remember, as you embark on the new school year ahead, that you’re not only intelligent, but you are bold, you are beautiful, and you are empowered! You are ALL Slick Chicks! We are proud of you and we wish you nothing but success this year; so go forth and be awesome!

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See ya in your skivvies!


Shannon & the Slick Chicks Team

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