The Move For Jenn Foundation x Slick Chicks for Sarcoma Awareness Month

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Happy Sarcoma Awareness Month from Slick Chicks! We are beyond honored to partner with the Move For Jenn Foundation this month to bring awareness to sarcoma. The team at the Move For Jenn Foundation are powerful advocates for inclusion and for that (and so many more things!) we are incredibly excited to introduce our community to their impactful work. 
Read on to learn more about the Move For Jenn Foundation's beginnings, mission, and events through the words of their founder, Jenn Andrews: 
How did Move For Jenn get started? 
I was getting a pedicure in 2013 when I was pregnant with my first child. During that pedicure, the nail tech discovered a pea-sized nodule on top of my right foot. I had a physician check it, only to be told it was a ganglion cyst. In 2014, while pregnant with my second child, that pea-sized nodule grew to a golf ball size mass. 

Post-delivery of my second child, I was scanned and biopsied, only to show the mass was benign. Surgery to remove the mass was still recommended due to the size and location of the mass. On December 3, 2014, the mass was removed. Pathology went on to prove that this benign cyst was actually not benign, but a low-grade myxoid sarcoma. Due to the location, a second surgery to ensure clean margins was not an option, so I chose to be watched. 

I went on to have scans of my right foot and lungs as recommended for the next 3 years. I remained clear until January 2, 2018, when scans revealed cancer had returned as a thin layer on top of my entire right foot. After seeking multiple opinions, amputation was the only option to give me the best chance at a cancer-free life.

On March 7, 2018, I did a Facebook live video requesting f
riends and family to move for me and those who physically can’t on my surgery date. This request unknowingly became a movement. So, on March 12, 2018, I became cancer-free, and the social media world flooded with #moveforjenn and #movebecauseyoucan posts globally. People all over the world were sharing posts with all forms of exercise in honor of my request. This movement led me to realize that being an amputee, and someone who wanted to remain active, would be difficult without ample means of funding. Most insurance providers will only cover one prosthetic per person, if that. 
My mission of helping other sarcoma amputees was born when my husband, Miles and I realized the financial burden of being a young, and active amputee. Everyone should have the right to be active and/or run. Child or adult. Miles and I plan to help ease that financial burden for as many individuals as we can. 
What is the Move For Jenn mission? 
The mission of the Move For Jenn Foundation is to offer grants in the form of activewear prosthetics to those who have suffered the loss of a limb to sarcoma, cancer, and affiliated diseases. Since most activewear prosthetics are not covered by insurance, the foundation bridges the financial gap to allow amputees to get back to the physical activities they enjoyed prior to amputation. 
The Move For Jenn Foundation also aims to find a cure for sarcoma and better treatment options for sarcoma patients. Targeted research, awareness, and advocacy are three core objectives that make the foundation unique. 
Why did you choose to partner with Slick Chicks for the month of July? 
July is Sarcoma Awareness Month and we are working hard to raise awareness and funding for our mission. Slick Chicks has a focus on inclusion, which is something we, as a nonprofit strive and advocate for. The alignment between Slick Chicks and Move For Jenn Foundation was so clearly there, it truly was the perfect partnership! 
What is your favorite community event that Move For Jenn hosts? Why is it your favorite? 
Our Pajamas All Day 5K/10K Race event is my favorite event we host! It is our largest event and I pour my heart and soul into this day each year. It is a special day to focus on appreciating movement, while also bringing our community together for a good cause. I can’t put words to the emotions I feel each year receiving the support we do from our sponsors and supporters. Our mission is personal to me and our race is a day where everyone comes together to push the mission forward. We run, we cry, we laugh, we have adult beverages, the kids have a full on blast, there is literally something for everyone. We also have a track record of giving surprise grants the day of the race, which allows our supporters to actually see and feel where their donations go. 
What is the #1 thing you want people to take away from this month's partnership? 
I want people to learn about sarcoma, rare cancer, and how to detect it early. I want people to learn that activewear prosthetics are not covered by insurance and can range between $5-$50K each (with a 3-5 year lifetime on these medical devices). I want everyone to learn and recognize that mobility is a GIFT and everyone deserves the privilege to run and be active. This level of activity should never be hindered by a financial burden. I want others to recognize that inclusion is everything and that is something that both Slick Chicks and MFJF are striving for. 

Eager to support? Throughout the month of July, 10% of any purchase on will be donated to the Move For Jenn foundation. Click here to shop! 

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