We're All About Empowerment Media

We're All About Empowerment Media

Hello everyone! Long time no see!

The Slick Chicks Team has been extremely busy with super secret surprise projects AND getting ready for the shipment of all the awesome Kickstarter rewards! However, this is one blog post we definitely wanted to share!

As a company that stands for empowerment, we are inspired by many great girl power blogs and media sites. These days it seems that the newspapers and headlines only show politics, rumors, or wrong-doings. However, the Slick Chicks Team makes it a goal to stay motivated by the wonderful things these go-getting women are doing.

Here are 5 of our favorite sites, so you can stay in the know too. 


1. GirlTalkHQ

I cannot stress enough how much we love GirlTalkHQ. The editor-in-chief Asha Dahya once did a feature on Helya and Slick Chicks, and it was such a joy to work with her. GirlTalkHQ is a routinely updated site full of empowering articles featuring strong women and girls from all around the world. If you want to know the latest and greatest about kick-butt women working on entrepreneurship, human rights, STEM, and more... GirlTalkHQ should be your absolute first stop. 

2. Entrepreneurs en Vogue

Entrepreneurs en Vogue is another empowerment site that we cannot get enough of. They have interviewed Helya on their podcast as well as featured Slick Chicks on the site. Entrepreneurs en Vogue has a well balanced variety of stories on business, mindset, impact, networking, and maintaining financials. They feature so much of what you would need to know as a budding female entrepreneur with a strong positive attitude. If you're looking for inspiration and advice, Entrepreneurs en Vogue has you covered!


3. She Owns It

She Owns It has the mission of celebrating, supporting, and connecting women entrepreneurs. To do this, they take a down to earth approach with articles of advice written by different contributing women. Each article features advice and life lessons learned from experience by women just like yourself. You'll feel at ease and as if you're talking with a friend when reading these features. Topics cover a broad range from SEO optimization tips to advice on how to publish your own book -- so don't hold back! Imagine all you could learn from spending some time on this site!

4. In Her Shoes

The In Her Shoes blog was started by Renae Bluitt -- where she introduces fly female entrepreneurs to her readers. This blog is so much fun. It's bright, full of color, and upbeat. Renae also does a great job of bringing spotlight to the African American boss babes! These women have a varieties of talents and businesses, and you'll be impressed with each one you meet. Let them inspire you each step of the way as they tell their stories. 

5. Inspirational Women on The Huffington Post

It's true that HuffPost covers many topics and has many articles, but if you search enough, you can find some great articles on female empowerment. One of my favorite buzzwords to search is "inspirational women" because you will get articles ranging from entrepreneurs to human rights activists. Here, you can absolutely get your fill on all sorts of feminine role models and what they'd like to share. So if you're sick of all those political HuffPost articles being shared on your news feed, here's a well-deserved break from all of that. 


And there you have it! We hope you enjoyed this list of female empowerment sites. Have we missed any? If you have a favorite that you'd like to share with us, be sure to contact us. We love reading about all the kick-butt women of the world. 



Have a wonderful week. :)

Stay empowered. 

Lea & the Slick Chicks Team xoxo

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