Our Manufacturing Partnership

As a brand that is on a mission to empower people to tackle life’s day-to-day challenges, it was important for Slick Chicks to find partners whose values we share, partners who were working towards equality and inclusivity just like us, in their own capacity.

That is what excited us about meeting MAS Holdings in 2018. A progressive design-to-delivery solutions provider to the world’s top sports and fashion brands, MAS was on our radar not only due to their impressive portfolio of innovative apparel solutions, but for their all-inclusive, non-discriminatory workforce of over 94,000 empowered individuals across 16 countries.

Our first visit to the MAS Linea Aqua facility in Sri Lanka in 2019 showed us just how deeply rooted their efforts were; since their establishment in 1987, MAS has championed equality and inclusivity to lead the way in ethical manufacturing in Sri Lanka. What impressed us the most were their efforts in creating equal employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Backed by research, MAS had identified job roles that can be taken up safely and comfortably by persons with disabilities; over 380 employees with physical, cognitive, hearing, speech and vision impairments work across MAS. The opportunity was too good to miss. We had a chance to be part of a global movement that empowered people with physical constraints. We had a chance to create a product for persons with disabilities, by persons with disabilities. We placed our first order with MAS that same year.

Over three-decades ago, MAS set out to build a world-class company that is today serving a bigger purpose, impacting the lives of many people around the world. This resonates with the Slick Chick story and reflects where we want to be in the future – committed to sustainable change. In MAS, we found the partner we were looking for.