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You adapt to life, let us adapt to you.

The foundation of getting dressed starts with your undergarments. It's the first thing we put on to start our day, it's a basic necessity. But what if it wasn't as simple as putting them on one leg at a time?

For many, this ritual is difficult and requires extra care and support. That's where Slick Chicks comes in. Slick Chicks is a female founded and run social impact company that makes accessible undergarments and apparel for people with disabilities, limited mobility, chronic pain, people with various physical challenges or post-operative needs, and the aging population.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about selling a product for us, it’s about putting people first, showing empathy, and finding a solution to a real problem. Behind every purchased product is a real person with a real story and a very real need.

"No matter who you are, we all deserve to feel supported by products that offer a sense of self, dignity, and independence."

- Helya, Founder & CEO

The Adaptive Market

  • One billion people live with some form of disability, around 15% of the global population.
  • The Disabled population has a disposable income of $1.9 trillion per year.
  • Up to 80% of Disabled people say their customer experiences are failures.
  • 43% abandon in-person shopping due to a lack of accessibility.
  • The adaptive clothing market represents a market value of $300B in 2021.

*Sources: Tilting the Lens & Statista

Slick Chicks is a first mover in the adaptive apparel industry with the #2 market share in the adult adaptive intimates space.

Our Story

After creating the first prototype for her pregnant sister, Helya realized the massive disparity in fashionable adaptive brands. This disparity affected not only pregnant women but also individuals of all genders with mobility and chronic illness challenges.

Slick Chicks Founder

Helya Mohammadian

Helya is the CEO and Founder of Slick Chicks. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and has over 15 years experience in product development and supply chain management. She is a Tory Burch Foundation Cohort VI Alumni, GlobalGiving and Spanx grantee, “2 Minute Drill” Pitch Winner, ABC’s “Funderdome” Pitch Winner, and a winner of the MEDA Million Dollar Challenge to support BIPOC business owners.

We are more than just a brand, we are a community.

"I never imagined that starting this journey and creating this product would change my perspective on something most of us take for granted every day, and that's getting dressed."

- Helya, Founder & CEO

This community is strong and beautiful. Together, as a community, we can empower people with products that solve a need and help contribute to making the world a more inclusive place for all.

Our Timeline

An Ongoing Growth

In 2014, Helya Mohammadian designed the first prototype for Slick Chicks. This side-fastening panty prototype would eventually become our patented design in 2018. Just a year after the original Slick Chicks design became patented, Slick Chicks itself became a commercial brand.

Throughout the years, Slick Chicks has seen tremendous growth. The very basis of our growth is due to our strong community of those who truly believe in and feel supported by our products.

Slick Chicks hit many milestones in 2021 with a growth of over 280% and 780% over the last 12 months. We were also cited by independent industry reports as having the #2 market share in the adult adaptive intimates space (a $20B market).

Our developing technologies allowed us to expand into territories we had yet to cover. In 2022, Slick Chicks launched a loungewear line and seven new products including our Leakproof Underwear. Our Leakproof Underwear launched us into the incontinence market due to its featuring of a full UI tech liner.

Our Mission

Part of Slick Chicks' mission is to empower people and give them the confidence they need to tackle any of life's daily challenges. Because we ALL deserve clothes that offer a sense of self, dignity, and for many, independence. Slick Chicks has taken the most intimate part of getting dressed and made it more accessible for individuals with limited mobility.

Over the years, Slick Chicks has been serving as a platform for people with disabilities to have a voice. No matter who you are, we all deserve to feel supported by products that offer a sense of self, dignity, and independence. At the end of the day, it’s not just about selling a product, it’s about putting people first, showing empathy, and finding a solution to a real problem. Behind every purchased product is a real person with a real story and a very real need.

Our Ambassadors

Our ambassador community is made up of over 50 driven and influential champions for inclusivity and accessibility.

As a team, we work closely with our ambassadors in order to share each of their individual stories in the most personalized and uplifting way. We work directly with our ambassadors to produce Ambassador Spotlights for our official blog, promote brand partnerships, and help spread the word about the importance of accessibility in the apparel industry. We believe that the voices of our ambassadors carry our mission as a company in the fiercest way.

We believe that our ambassadors are the forefront of our success. Our ambassadors are chosen based on their impactful missions to help better society and better themselves in the process. Our ambassadors are dedicated to their communities and for that (and more), we are proud to have them as the main representatives of our brand.

A Push for Sustainability

We believe in making products that stand the test of time. We are constantly innovating the way our products are made in order to use less resources and last longer while continuing to be accessible for our customers.

The innovative technologies our diversified manufacturing partners use has significantly cut down our water usage this past year. Our U.S. based manufacturer uses a continuous dye range which allows our fabric to be dyed using 80% less water than the leading dye method.

Slick Chicks looks forward to continuing to disrupt the apparel industry through a greater focus on sustainability going forward.

Today, Slick Chicks has a network of diversified manufacturing partners and strategic partners across the globe (including directly in the United States) for the multiple vertices the company has identified. With these manufacturing partners, Slick Chicks aims to continue to support the various genders, professions, and prices for individuals of all backgrounds. This past year, Slick Chicks has gone from leading the adaptive space to expanding across multiple other markets including extended sizing and healthcare.

Our Patented Product Design

Accessible Underwear

Patented hook & eye fasteners

Front-Fastening Lounge Bras

Accessible front fasteners for simplifying self-dressing

Stylish Loungewear

Detachable, accessible fasteners to help aid in mobility

Adaptive Leakproof Underwear

Full UI Tech liner for absorption


Slick Chicks has recently initiated a co-branded partnership with VELCRO®. This co-branded partnership guarantees the highest quality fasteners are used throughout Slick Chicks’ VELCRO® fastening products.

Inclusive Manufacturing

As a brand that is on a mission to empower people to tackle life’s day- to-day challenges, it was important for Slick Chicks to find partners whose values we share, partners who were working towards equality and inclusivity just like us, in their own capacity.

Our QVC Feature

In early November, Slick Chicks made history as the first inclusive intimates brand to be featured on QVC. Along with this feat, we were also the first brand to ever hire a Disabled model for the show. This is a great accomplishment not only for Slick Chicks, but for the world of television!

Any Other Day

Slick Chicks teamed up with Angel City Sports to celebrate Jamey Perry, an accomplished writer and champion adaptive athlete. Empowered by Slick Chicks adaptive wear Jamey balances life as a mother, writer, and athlete; exploring what it means to celebrate disability — an “ingenious way to live.



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