Meet Our Founder

Helya Mohammadian from Overture on Vimeo.

Nearly every woman has found herself in a situation, whether it was after an intense sweat session or a time-of-the-month mishap, where she’s felt a little less than fresh and desperately needed to change her underwear.

That happened far too many times for me. I knew there had to be an easier way to change my underwear and go about my day feeling confident. After tons of research, volunteering friends and family to test out multiple prototypes, I finally developed our patent pending line of innovative underwear.

Thanks to the breathable fibers and moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fabric, our underwear keeps you feeling fresh all day long -- something all women can appreciate! It’s also fantastic for anyone recovering from an injury or who is simply unable to bend over to change her underwear each day.

After my initial launch of Slick Chicks, I received an email from a woman who had limited mobility who wanted to buy a pair of Slick Chicks panties in a size XXL. At first, I was manufacturing limited sizes and told her that I didn’t have them yet in size XXL but as soon as I did I would send her some. Her request made me realize that the innovative product I had created for women to have a convenient way to change their panties, also had a use as adaptable clothing for people with disabilities. Unfortunately, by the time I manufactured and sent the XXL garment to this woman, she had succumbed to cancer. However, her daughter wrote to me and told me the most inspiring story. She said her mother was so excited that my product was on its way to her that she worked harder in physical therapy to keep her mobility so that she would be able to change her own undergarments and regain that dignity. While I am so sad that she never got that chance, the fact that Slick Chicks empowered her so much, erased any doubts I had about my product.

It is our mission to empower women and give them the confidence they need to tackle any of life's daily challenges.

Stay empowered. 


Helya Mohammadian

Founder & Chief Innovator Chick of Slick Chicks