The foundation of getting dressed starts with your underwear. But what if it wasn’t as simple as putting them on one leg at a time? For people with disabilities and physical constraints, this is an actual problem. Everyday people face challenges in their lives that can hinder their confidence and productivity. We believe that your panties should not be one of them. Our mission is to empower people and give them the confidence they need to tackle any of life's daily challenges. Because we ALL deserve clothes that offer a sense of self, dignity, and for many, independence.



Three years ago my sister gave birth to my adorable nephew. She had complications during labor and had to undergo an emergency C-section. The post-surgery recovery left her feeling debilitated for several weeks. Just getting out of bed was a major ordeal. Her husband had to help her use the restroom, shower, and change because she couldn’t bend over. Something as personal as putting on her underwear, she couldn’t do alone. I hated to see my sister lose her independence. So I created Slick Chicks underwear to help her change. Little did I realize that this product could have an impact on millions of people.

There is a way to bridge the gap between fashion and function and I am excited to innovate a product that most of us take for granted every day. It's my goal to help people feel confident and dignified regardless of their situation.

Stay empowered,

Helya Mohammadian
Founder & Chief Innovator Chick